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class altair.TopLevelMixin#

Mixin for top-level chart objects such as Chart, LayeredChart, etc.

__init__(*args, **kwargs)#


__init__(*args, **kwargs)

configure([arc, area, aria, autosize, axis, ...])

Refer to Config

configure_arc([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to RectConfig

configure_area([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to AreaConfig

configure_axis([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisBand([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisBottom([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisDiscrete([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisLeft([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisPoint([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisQuantitative([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisRight([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisTemporal([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisTop([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisX([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisXBand([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisXDiscrete([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisXPoint([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisXQuantitative([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisXTemporal([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisY([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisYBand([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisYDiscrete([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisYPoint([aria, bandPosition, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisYQuantitative([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_axisYTemporal([aria, ...])

Refer to AxisConfig

configure_bar([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to BarConfig

configure_boxplot([box, extent, median, ...])

Refer to BoxPlotConfig

configure_circle([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_concat([columns, spacing])

Refer to CompositionConfig

configure_errorband([band, borders, extent, ...])

Refer to ErrorBandConfig

configure_errorbar([extent, rule, size, ...])

Refer to ErrorBarConfig

configure_facet([columns, spacing])

Refer to CompositionConfig

configure_geoshape([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_header([format, formatType, ...])

Refer to HeaderConfig

configure_headerColumn([format, formatType, ...])

Refer to HeaderConfig

configure_headerFacet([format, formatType, ...])

Refer to HeaderConfig

configure_headerRow([format, formatType, ...])

Refer to HeaderConfig

configure_image([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to RectConfig

configure_legend([aria, clipHeight, ...])

Refer to LegendConfig

configure_line([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to LineConfig

configure_mark([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_point([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_projection([center, clipAngle, ...])

Refer to ProjectionConfig

configure_range([category, diverging, ...])

Refer to RangeConfig

configure_rect([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to RectConfig

configure_rule([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_scale([bandPaddingInner, ...])

Refer to ScaleConfig

configure_selection([interval, point])

Refer to SelectionConfig

configure_square([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_text([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to MarkConfig

configure_tick([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to TickConfig

configure_title([align, anchor, angle, ...])

Refer to TitleConfig


Refer to FormatConfig

configure_trail([align, angle, aria, ...])

Refer to LineConfig

configure_view([clip, continuousHeight, ...])

Refer to ViewConfig

display([renderer, theme, actions])

Display chart in Jupyter notebook or JupyterLab

open_editor(*[, fullscreen])

Opens the chart specification in the Vega chart editor using the default browser.

project([type, center, clipAngle, ...])

Add a geographic projection to the chart.


Set top-level properties of the Chart.

repeat([repeat, row, column, layer, columns])

Return a RepeatChart built from the chart

resolve_axis([x, y])

Refer to AxisResolveMap

resolve_legend([angle, color, fill, ...])

Refer to LegendResolveMap

resolve_scale([angle, color, fill, ...])

Refer to ScaleResolveMap

save(fp[, format, ...])

Save a chart to file in a variety of formats

serve([ip, port, n_retries, files, ...])

'serve' is deprecated.


Display the chart using the active renderer

to_dict([validate, format, ignore, context])

Convert the chart to a dictionary suitable for JSON export

to_html([base_url, output_div, ...])

Embed a Vega/Vega-Lite spec into an HTML page

to_json([validate, indent, sort_keys, ...])

Convert a chart to a JSON string

to_url(*[, fullscreen])

Convert a chart to a URL that opens the chart specification in the Vega chart editor The chart specification (including any inline data) is encoded in the URL.

transform_aggregate([aggregate, groupby])

Add an AggregateTransform to the schema.

transform_bin([as_, field, bin])

Add a BinTransform to the schema.

transform_calculate([as_, calculate])

Add a CalculateTransform to the schema.

transform_density(density[, as_, bandwidth, ...])

Add a DensityTransform to the spec.

transform_extent(extent, param)

Add a ExtentTransform to the spec.

transform_filter(filter, **kwargs)

Add a FilterTransform to the schema.

transform_flatten(flatten[, as_])

Add a FlattenTransform to the schema.

transform_fold(fold[, as_])

Add a FoldTransform to the spec.

transform_impute(impute, key[, frame, ...])

Add an ImputeTransform to the schema.

transform_joinaggregate([joinaggregate, groupby])

Add a JoinAggregateTransform to the schema.

transform_loess(on, loess[, as_, bandwidth, ...])

Add a LoessTransform to the spec.

transform_lookup([lookup, from_, as_, default])

Add a DataLookupTransform or SelectionLookupTransform to the chart

transform_pivot(pivot, value[, groupby, ...])

Add a PivotTransform to the chart.

transform_quantile(quantile[, as_, groupby, ...])

Add a QuantileTransform to the chart

transform_regression(on, regression[, as_, ...])

Add a RegressionTransform to the chart.


Add a SampleTransform to the schema.

transform_stack(as_, stack, groupby[, ...])

Add a StackTransform to the schema.

transform_timeunit([as_, field, timeUnit])

Add a TimeUnitTransform to the schema.

transform_window([window, frame, groupby, ...])

Add a WindowTransform to the schema