This website is for version 5. You can find the documentation for version 4 here.


altair.binding_range(self, input=Undefined, debounce=Undefined, element=Undefined, max=Undefined, min=Undefined, name=Undefined, step=Undefined, **kwds)#

A range binding Parameters ———-

input : str


If defined, delays event handling until the specified milliseconds have elapsed since the last event was fired.

elementstr, Element

An optional CSS selector string indicating the parent element to which the input element should be added. By default, all input elements are added within the parent container of the Vega view.


Sets the maximum slider value. Defaults to the larger of the signal value and 100.


Sets the minimum slider value. Defaults to the smaller of the signal value and 0.


By default, the signal name is used to label input elements. This name property can be used instead to specify a custom label for the bound signal.


Sets the minimum slider increment. If undefined, the step size will be automatically determined based on the min and max values.