class altair.EventType(*args)#

EventType schema wrapper

EventType, Literal[‘click’, ‘dblclick’, ‘dragenter’, ‘dragleave’, ‘dragover’, ‘keydown’, ‘keypress’, ‘keyup’, ‘mousedown’, ‘mousemove’, ‘mouseout’, ‘mouseover’, ‘mouseup’, ‘mousewheel’, ‘pointerdown’, ‘pointermove’, ‘pointerout’, ‘pointerover’, ‘pointerup’, ‘timer’, ‘touchend’, ‘touchmove’, ‘touchstart’, ‘wheel’]




copy([deep, ignore])

Return a copy of the object

from_dict(dct[, validate, _wrapper_classes])

Construct class from a dictionary representation

from_json(json_string[, validate])

Instantiate the object from a valid JSON string


Resolve references in the context of this object's schema or root schema.

to_dict([validate, ignore, context])

Return a dictionary representation of the object

to_json([validate, indent, sort_keys, ...])

Emit the JSON representation for this object as a string.

validate(instance[, schema])

Validate the instance against the class schema in the context of the rootschema.

validate_property(name, value[, schema])

Validate a property against property schema in the context of the rootschema