This website is for version 5. You can find the documentation for version 4 here.


class altair.NamedData(name=Undefined, format=Undefined, **kwds)#

NamedData schema wrapper


Provide a placeholder name and bind data at runtime.

New data may change the layout but Vega does not always resize the chart. To update the layout when the data updates, set autosize or explicitly use view.resize.

formatdict, DataFormat, CsvDataFormat, DsvDataFormat, JsonDataFormat, TopoDataFormat

An object that specifies the format for parsing the data.

__init__(name=Undefined, format=Undefined, **kwds)#


__init__([name, format])

copy([deep, ignore])

Return a copy of the object

from_dict(dct[, validate, _wrapper_classes])

Construct class from a dictionary representation

from_json(json_string[, validate])

Instantiate the object from a valid JSON string


Resolve references in the context of this object's schema or root schema.

to_dict([validate, ignore, context])

Return a dictionary representation of the object

to_json([validate, indent, sort_keys, ...])

Emit the JSON representation for this object as a string.

validate(instance[, schema])

Validate the instance against the class schema in the context of the rootschema.

validate_property(name, value[, schema])

Validate a property against property schema in the context of the rootschema