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square mark is similar to point mark, except that (1) the shape value is always set to square (2) they are filled by default.

Square Mark Properties#

A square mark definition can contain any standard mark properties and the following special properties:

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anyOf(number, ExprRef)

Default size for marks.

  • For point/circle/square, this represents the pixel area of the marks. Note that this value sets the area of the symbol; the side lengths will increase with the square root of this value.

  • For bar, this represents the band size of the bar, in pixels.

  • For text, this represents the font size, in pixels.

Default value:

  • 30 for point, circle, square marks; width/height’s step

  • 2 for bar marks with discrete dimensions;

  • 5 for bar marks with continuous dimensions;

  • 11 for text marks.

Scatter Plot with Square#

import altair as alt
from vega_datasets import data

source =