Altair Ecosystem

This is a list of projects related to or built on top of Altair. We hope to make it easier to find these projects by listing them here. If you know of a project that should be added, please let us know.


altair-recipes provides a collection of ready-made statistical graphics for vega. See the docs.


gpdvega is a bridge between GeoPandas, a geospatial extension of Pandas, and Altair which allows to seamlessly chart geospatial data using altair. See the docs.


nx_altair is a library for drawing NetworkX graphs using Altair. It offers a similar draw API as NetworkX but returns Altair Charts instead. This allows users to apply Altair’s rich interactive API to networks graphs. See the docs.


pdvega is a library that allows you to quickly create interactive Vega-Lite plots from Pandas dataframes, using an API that is nearly identical to Pandas’ built-in visualization tools, and designed for easy use within the Jupyter notebook. See the docs.

Altair in R

Altair in R provides an R interface to the Altair Python package. See the docs.


Starborn is a Python visualization library based on Vega and Altair that aims to be API-compatible with Seaborn. Like Seaborn, it provides a high-level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics. Thanks to the underlying libraries, it can also offer interactivity with in-browser panning and zooming. See the docs.


gif is the extension for Altair and matplotlib animations. The library provides a simple, high-level decorator interface to create frames in a regular for-loop that can be stitched together on save. See the docs.